Scrappy Little Nobody, Anna Kendrick

I really like Anna Kendrick – both her career as an actress and her personality, as a lovely human being (if you don’t follow her on twitter then you really should, she’s hilarious!). So when I found out she was putting her funny little quips into a book I just couldn’t resist picking up a copy. Well I wasn’t disappointed! I loved this book a lot; it had me chuckling with laughter to myself all the way through (and if that’s not a mark of a good book, then  don’t know what is!). I know it’s rather cliché, but it felt like she was in conversation with her readers, using a colloquial writing style that put me at ease and made her anecdotes stand out as even funnier.

I’ve read quite a few autobiographies, but never one by an actress, so I was really interested in finding out more about that type of life – particularly Kendrick’s career on both stage and screen. The book follows her life and developing career from a child working on-stage on Broadway, all the way up to her recent cinematic appearances, such as Pitch Perfect, her time working with Zac Efron, and even working on the Twilight franchise.

The writing is very honest, covering a range of issues, which I liked. This included conversations about her family life, both good – like her memories of travelling to New York with her brother to attend auditions – and then bad too – with her struggles of working away from home at such a young age, and the death of family members. Her honesty continues when writing about even more personal problems, with relationships and even accommodation when moving to LA – proving that her life is not always as glamorous as we may expect it to be (although awards season still sounds very glam to me!).

I really liked this book – I can be quite nosey at times, so it’s nice to be invited to learn a bit about someones life in such an open way! Anna’s personality – humble, quirky and hilarious as a ‘scrappy little nobody’ – shines through in her writing, making for a very entertaining read.




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