Second Year = Complete!

I’ve finished my second year of university! I can’t believe it! This has been a super crazy year, especially this last term which I feel like has gone super quickly (but at the same time when I look back, it seems like the term started so long ago…).

I feel like I’ve developed a lot this term, both personally and academically. I haven’t got my essay results back yet, but I think (hope) that my writing has improved a lot over the year. It was nice this year that I had a lot of freedom with my assessments, being able to choose what texts and topics of what I write about – I feel like this really helps me, to enjoy my writing (at least to start with, before I actually need to write it all) and therefore write better.

I’m also just a lot happier this year – living with my friends and feeling less stressed about work (despite this year actually counting towards my degree, and all my extra curricular stuff, including being in a show at the theatre and my placement at the Derby Book Festival!). But maybe I’m just forgetting all the bad stuff.

Perks of spending a lot of time at the theatre on campus in the run-up to a show…!

I’m so excited for the summer holidays now though – I’ve already started reading my own choice of books. (It’s the little things, ya know?). Now all we need is some more sun!



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