How Do I Organise This Hectic Life?

University is super busy at the moment – with impending essays, a work placement once a week, training and matches for the lacrosse team four times a week, and a play to rehearse and perform at the end of term!

I sometimes feel like I’m going to drown under all the pressure and work, but I also know that (partly thanks to IB), with some good organisation, I am more than able to get through this storm in one piece – with finished work AND my sanity.

So, I thought I would share some of the tips that I have learnt from uni and school, about balancing a busy schedule and not going crazy from the stress.

1. A List is Key
I always make a weekly list of everything I have to do for university (like reading and seminar prep), with the date every task is due, and highlighting those that are most important. I’ve come to the realisation that sometimes you won’t be able to do everything, and knowing this really really helps to keep things in perspective; sometimes you just have to prioritise the things that definitely need to be done and leave the others for if you have time.

Also, on this list, I put the other things that I need to remember to do (like emails or learning lines, ah!), which have no urgent due date but I would probably forget to do otherwise. Although, this seems to be a list that I am constantly adding to as I remember everything I have said I would do, but still take forever to actually do… Oops).


2. Dear Diary…
No, I don’t actually mean a personal diary, I mean a diary for scheduled events. And I know, it seems really obvious for organisation, but I think it’s probably the most important thing for me. I have a physical diary in which I write down daily plans, and what I intend to get done in a day or weekend. But I also use the calendar on my phone rather religiously too – with rehearsals at different times and days each week, and certain days that I have been assigned work placements, it helps to have a note handy on my phone of what I have each week!


I’ve always been interested in things like bullet-journals, but if I’m honest I think I’m a bit too busy and unimaginative to be able to keep it up for long!

Obviously, these tips are just what I do, and everyone organises their lives differently (or doesn’t organise…) To some people I’m sure this may seem over-the-top for organisation, but I wouldn’t be able to function properly mentally without knowing what I had on each week. Of course, it also means I don’t double-book myself (mostly… I am human after all!), so I can have time to socialise with friends too – maintaining the balance of work and relaxation.


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