Home for the Holidays: Term One Over!

I can’t believe how busy this term has been – and I know it will only get busier next term. The end of term is always super busy and stressful, with all our christmas celebrations mixing with the assignments due before the term is over.

I’ve loved my modules this term; unlike in my first year, these modules are only term-long (but all were my own choice this time!). It’s great because I get to study new subjects and books each term. Although knowing that I’ve got to start on three new reading lists is a little daunting! (But also super exciting because BOOKS, am I right?)

I’m looking forward to my time at home for the holidays – I just love christmas so much! (Though I don’t how much time I have relaxing with all my uni work. due in January..) If nothing else though I hope to get a decent amount of reading done! (And update on here more often?)

Merry Christmas everyone!


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