Sunny Cyprus

One of the most prominent things I have learnt about my holiday in Cyprus is that in the summer it’s pretty hot there! That moment when you step off the plane and get hit by a gust of heat and humidity is something I’m sure many can relate to, but when we got to Cyprus this felt even hotter than usual, despite it being the evening! In fact, we found it was best to not do too much in the middle of the day except reading round the pool and sleeping…

However, we did still find time to do lots of interesting things:

Early on in our time here we decided to hire a boat from George’s Boat Hire and go out to the Blue Lagoon and surrounding coves to do some snorkelling. These coves and sea caves were gorgeous, with such blue clear water (in case you hadn’t guessed by the name!). We went early in the morning to avoid the rush of boats later on. The boat was (for me anyway) surprisingly difficult to steer at first, but everyone in my family took a turn to drive which was good fun.

Blue Lagoon from our boat… No filter needed!

The next day my boyfriend and I went back to the Blue Lagoon, but this time to do some scuba diving (run by Latchi Watersports Centre). I’ve never done it before, but I really enjoyed it! Our instructor made it fun and relaxing, but also made me feel comfortable and safe. I was fascinated by everything around me while underwater, from the fish to even the sea plants, which was a good distraction from the surreal thought of breathing underwater!

We also went back to the centre to do some sea canoeing and paddle boarding (which was so much harder than it looks!)

Paddle Boarding!

Paphos is the current European city of culture, although if I’m honest I’m not entirely sure why. I didn’t feel like it was much more special than other cities I have visited. We went to Paphos for the day, spending most of our time at the archaeological site. There was so much to see! The most impressive part was its Roman mosaics, although the park was so big we didn’t actually get to see all of it.

We also visited the Baths of Aphrodite, which were near where we were staying. It is a very beautiful pool of water with a waterfall, where the Goddess Aphrodite is supposed to have bathed.

Romain mosaics
The Bath of Aphrodite

I couldn’t write about my time in Cyprus without touching on food… What else I learnt whilst on holiday is that Cypriots like to give you lots of food! In fact, I didn’t finish a single meal at the restaurants in the evening. By the third day we learnt not to bother with breakfast, being still too full!

This was such a lovely place to visit, both relaxed in nature and action-packed too.


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