Sue Perkins and her Spectacles!

Sue Perkins is a comedic presenter, best known according to Sue herself ‘for being one quarter of double act Mel and Sue’, and for doing ‘some cake show on BBC 1’. From the various shows I have seen her on she seems genuinely very funny, and this definitely transfers into her writing.

This was a great book detailing lots of different aspects of Sue’s life – from the moment she was born, her work, her family and her later personal life. The writing was funny with just the right amount of serious and sad (*sobs quietly in the corner*) to maintain my interest. Some moments were so good that I really couldn’t stop myself from laughing out loud (and then having to read it out to my boyfriend because of the weird looks he kept giving me with my sniggers… Haha!)


My favourite part to read was definitely her explanation of Great British Bake Off: it was sarcastic and tongue-in-cheek. I love watching this programme, so I think that knowledge of the show made reading this part even funnier. I also really liked Sue’s style of writing, particularly how she included lots of little anecdotes and memories – even if they made her go off topic a lot! I know that sounds strange, given that we usually love to read about ideas that are clear and succinct, but actually this way of writing made the book feel far more personal and real: as though I was reading her thoughts (and all the strange asides that come with reminiscing).

If you’re looking for a non-fiction book that will have you grinning, then this book is the one!

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