Home Sweet Home, Room Sweet Room?

Coming back to university after the Christmas holidays was always going to be strange. Going from spending a significant time with friends and family at home to living alone (and a quiet flat with the first two weeks of exam period) was quite a shock. Naturally, having some of my friends around made it a lot easier than when I first moved in. But for me, what made it distinctly easier to settle back into uni life was my room.

Okay, I know this sounds crazy but bear with me! I like to think of my room as being home-ly (and many people have told me so!) My room is my own personal space; I spend a lot of my social time in the kitchen, in my friends’ rooms or playing lacrosse, so my room is somewhere I can retreat into and relax.

Even when I first moved in September I knew I wanted to make it personal, with decoration and trinkets to make it my own space. I felt it was important to do this: you spend the majority of the year here, a third of your university career and possibly the hardest year in terms of learning new things – it’s a surprisingly long time time!

So yes, I’m proud of my room. It’s a little piece of me (for the time being anyway)!

My cacti friends…
The picture wall (which is ever expanding).
IMG_3120 (1).jpg
I made the bunting myself!!
A special present, of my favourite quote.
No English students room would be complete without a shelf full of books (and a teapot).

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