The Book of Mormon!

As a birthday present from my sister I saw the fantastic production of The Book of Mormon in London last week.

I already knew the plot beforehand (having been told it by someone a while ago, when I hadn’t expected to go), not that there is much of a plot anyway! Despite this, I still thought the show was absolutely brilliant. My favourite part was the song ‘Hello’ (and the Reprise of it too). It was so so well done, and even more impressive for me personally because I’ve performed this song myself (for a charity concert) so I know how difficult it is!

This was a hilarious musical, which had me in stitches, and everyone else around me too. I didn’t think the singing was the most impressive I have ever heard, but on the other hand the emphasis of the entire show is on the lyrics, so the priority is for the audience to understand, rather than the quality of the song itself. It was still very good though!

In fact, this show doesn’t really take itself seriously as a musical at all: the entire thing is very over the top and seems at times as though it is mocking musicals entirely! I think this was the the reason why my dad enjoyed the show (which is saying something because he hates musicals!)

This was a really enjoyable production, very worthy of the many awards it has won, and I am sure that will continue to have a successful run.

The Prince of Wales Theatre at Christmas!



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