A Day in Copenhagen: Canals, Christmas and COLD!

Last week I had an amazing surprise day out with my family and godfather to Copenhagen in Denmark. Yep, a day trip! It was a long day, but so worth the early start – and cheaper than train tickets to London!

We did a lot in just the one day, starting with a boat ride through the canals. In fact, with the many cycle lanes and high buildings facing the waters it reminded me a lot of Amsterdam (which I visited a year ago). With the sun shining down on us, the boat was a great way to see lots of the city.

Afterwards we walked down to see the Statue of the Little Mermaid – the only thing I really wanted to do whilst here. It’s on the very outskirts of town, by the main stretch of water and away from the busy centre. It’s a surprisingly small statue, about the size of a girl, and (spoilers) not at all like the Disney mermaid. Nope, it truly is based on Hans Christian Andersen’s tale!


Walking back towards the centre of the city we wandered down the main shopping street (apparently the longest pedestrian street in Europe!) before finding something to eat, and finally ending at the famous Tivoli Gardens.

For those who don’t know (don’t worry, I didn’t!) Tivoli is the second oldest amusement park in the world. As it’s nearly Christmas (yay!) it was decorated with lots of festive bits, and had an incredible christmas market – the most impressive I have ever seen. The park was huge, and I don’t think I got close to visiting it all. There were also many rides, which I did not go on (I’m not a rides or heights person!) but was more than content to sit with a hot chocolate and wait for my sister and dad.

This was such a lovely day, and I feel so lucky to be given the opportunities I get, and for the fantastic family I have.

Shopping, canals and the Little Mermaid
Tivoli at night

Well, Merry Christmas everyone! Enjoy the holidays and festivities.




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