Take A Deep Breath…

Change that involves moving away to a new place and starting a new stage in life will always give you a lot of food for thought – and recently I’ve been reflecting on this.


I always knew that the hardest part for me would be moving away from home and all that it held – both family and friends. When it gets tough though, it definitely helps to know that I could hop on a train and be home in about an hour, even if I don’t actually go through with it. For me, despite beginning to settle in, the distance mentally is still related to the distance physically.

And although I call my flat my ‘home’ I still feel that ‘home’ for me truly is wherever my loved ones are – I never really realised until recently how family-oreintated I am. It’s strange how your head and heart can differ over something as simple as where home is.

On the other hand, I do speak to my sister more now than before! Silver-linings right?

Value of Friendship, Old & New

I’ve been making many new friends, treasuring every moment someone involves me or wants to talk to me: it’s nice to know people value your company. But being away has also made me realise how important my friends from home are – and I marvel at how supportive they are, even from afar.

It was also my birthday last month (I turned 19!! How??). The day opened my eyes to the great friendships I have made here, with the extra things they did to make my day special – like decorating the flat, surprising me with cake and taking me out to dinner. I felt like a princess for the day!

Discovering New Things

I’ve been here for 2 months and I’m still discovering places in this magical world – whether it’s where the toilets are, to secret underground tunnels. Not only that but I’ve started to discover things about myself (in case you can’t tell…) I’ve been pushed far out of my comfort zone into an unknown world which is scary, but allowed me to take a strong look at myself, develop and grow up too.

So my world has been flipped upside down and inside out, and it’s hard to see if it will ever settle down… But for now I’m taking each day as it comes, and remembering every so often to take a deep breath and look back at how far I’ve come too.



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