25 Things I Have Learnt So Far From University…

As of last week, I have now been at university for a month! It feels like time has flown by, yet at the same time like I’ve been here forever. Even in this relatively short period of time I have learnt great deal, from realisations and skills about myself, to cooking and freshers flu.

So, here is a list of 25 things I have learnt from university so far:

1. Learning from mistakes is important (learning, re-evaluating is important to finding out new things and how to do things better in the future).

2. Don’t get with your flat mate in Freshers Week (I don’t know this from personal experience though! Merely a friend… *cough Georgie cough*)

3. How to speak to strangers.

4. The three things you will ask new people: “what course are you studying? What halls are you in? Where are you originally from?”
If none of these match your answers then you move on and never talk again.

5. Nothing will ever taste like mums cooking – even when you cook the same thing as she does. And even when you cook the same thing that YOU cook at home. It won’t be the same.

6. Microwave meals are compulsory in Freshers weeks.

7. And every other week too.

8. Being an independent adult is not as easy as it seems! (Having to cook for yourself, clean, do washing… It’s surprisingly hard work!)

9. How to use Skype.

10. You can never do enough reading.

11. Boys are disgusting – despite how much you ask them they won’t always do the washing up when you say.

12. Freshers Flu IS a thing. I have been constantly ill for over 3 weeks now…

13. Budgeting. (*sigh* student life)

14. Finding a bargain. (See above…)

15. Societies are the best thing you can join to make friends and keep you busy.

16. How important and how much you value your friends and loved ones.

17. By the fourth week no one cares what they look like in lectures.

18. I am rubbish at timings.

19. How to power walk (as a result of #18).

20. How to use the free hopper buses on campus.

21.  How to nap at any time of the day.

22. It takes me longer than 30mins to get up and ready. (How??)

23. ALWAYS have a packet of biscuits in the cupboard for nights in with cups of tea.

24. I like going food shopping – it’s weirdly liberating.

25. How to navigate around the various forms for submitting assessed work. (Yes, already!)


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