My Adventures in Wonderland (i.e. University)

I would like to apologise for my lack of posts recently – I’ve been extremely busy moving and settling into my new life at university!

I didn’t realise just how strange it would be to move away from all my family and friends, and to start living independently and looking after myself completely. It’s been pretty tough but I feel now that I’m beginning to settle into my new world.

Last week was hectic with admin details to complete, introductory lectures and the obligatory Freshers nights out (and Freshers flu). This week I started my course properly and if I’m honest I was slightly overwhelmed to start. The amount I have to read seems ridiculous – so much so, one of my lecturers pointed out that, yes, they have set far more reading than we could ever complete in our life! I’m looking forward to getting into my course properly, and getting past all these introductory lectures, and to learn new and interesting things!

I’m trying to get myself stuck into all that’s offered to me here, whether that be societies and my course, or voluntary opportunities. Therefore, I have a feeling my posts here may be slightly more sporadic until I’m fully settled in – plus my course is so busy with reading I don’t know yet how much free time I’ll have to read my own books! (Hopefully enough though!)

I promise though I won’t neglect my blog and will be back whenever possible! In the mean time, enjoy these photos I took of my beautiful new home.



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