Shakespeare’s Globe: As You Like It – and I did like it!

‘All the world’s a stage

And all the men and women merely players’

This summer (as a birthday present from myself to my friend) I saw the London Globe’s production of Shakespeare’s comedy As You Like It. It was really funny – as typical to his comedies – and very well produced.

I really liked the period costume – although I do enjoy modern interpretations, I also really like traditional versions. It was especially effective as it was in keeping  with the theatre itself, and the Elizabethan style. Plus, the dresses were just gorgeous!

The actors were great, as expected from a Globe production. The way they speak helps the audience to understand what is being said, despite the Elizabethan language. With famous speeches such as “all the world’s a stage”, and comic innuendos and jokes, it’s important to keep the audience’s attention – and judging by the laughs they did just that!

The theatre itself is beautiful. Our seats were around the side of the stage, due to the semi-circular nature of the stage and its seating arrangements. Although our seats had a slightly restricted view from the pillars onstage, it was still a fantastic experience. However, I was sometimes distracted by the audience standing in the pit (the “groundlings”). All I could think was ‘how have they been standing for so long?!’ Could this be a sign of a bad production? Or maybe just an impressive and unique theatre? I think it was the latter.

Our view!


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