Childhood Tales

This period surrounding Christmas and New Year is not only a time of festivity and celebration, but also a time for reminiscing. Combining this with buying books for my cousin’s toddler, and my previous blog about Matilda, I’ve been thinking recently about what books I read when I was little.

Hairy Maclary from Donaldson’s Dairy, Lynley Dodd

This is the book I got for my cousin’s baby boy, but this was also one of my own favourites from my childhood. I reread it today and still remember so much: the characters, the names, the rhymes… It’s a fun book, with gorgeous drawings too.


When We Were Very Young, A.A. Milne

I was given this book, when I was little, as a present – it’s filled with Winnie the Pooh themed poems. I distinctly remember constantly taking it off my bookshelf and sitting on my bedroom floor, fascinated by the poems and beautiful drawings. Plus, Winnie the Pooh and Christopher Robin are always firm favourites.


Malory Towers series, Enid Blyton

My mum introduced me to this series – it’s a classic and rather timeless book series, which I imagine many young girls have read at some point or other. It’s good fun, although there aren’t many male characters in it (as it’s based at a girls boarding schools), which I guess means girls a lot more likely to read it than boys. Even so, I still think they are great books.


Harry Potter series, J.K. Rowling

Last, but certainly not least, is this wonderful series. The story of the ‘golden trio’ is unequivocally ingrained into the mind of most of the British children of my generation, and many others. My dad read these to me and my sister (with the voices – he’s great at them!) until we were old enough to read them ourselves (and then he finished them for himself). I think this is another series that will be read to children for a very long time to come.


There were so many other books I could have mentioned, it was so hard to choose. (I kept thinking of more as I typed!) I’m rather jealous of my cousin’s baby now – he has all of this to look forward to!


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