An Evening with Giovanna Fletcher, Billy & Me

Giovanna Fletcher is the published author of three books: Billy and Me, You’re The One That I Want, and her newest novel Christmas with Billy and Me.

‘Christmas with Billy & Me’

This is Giovanna’s new short story for Christmas, which is only available in physical form at Waterstones, but is also purchasable as an ebook. It continues on from her debut novel Billy and Me. Therefore, it is probably sensible to read this book first, or even re-read it! I have already read her debut novel but it has been so long that I couldn’t remember half of what happened. (Although, reading this has really made me want to read her first book again.)

If you haven’t read either of them, both books are about the sensitive and lovely Sophie, her career at a cute coffee shop and her developing relationship with teen heart-throb and actor Billy Buskin. (The plot idea seems to be perhaps developed by her own experiences with her husband…?) But what really draws me in every time is Giovanna’s talent for creating characters that feel honest and relatable. In fact, the thoughts on the first page of Christmas with Billy and Me struck me as definitely something I felt myself. It was like she was narrating my own thoughts and feelings!

The novel was a lovely festive story that was easy to read.  It’s only about 50 pages, but is very well written with action and festive surprises. I loved reading this, not only because it got me in the festive spirit but it also reminded me of the gorgeous world Giovanna has created. I can’t wait for her new book!

An Evening with Giovanna FletcherIMG_0001

On Wednesday I made my way to Waterstones in Covent Garden, London, for Giovanna’s first book event. It involved an interview, Q&A session and book signing. It was great fun, and an interesting evening, particularly finding out about the process of book-writing and editing. Gi also told us about her own opinions on her books, as well as her favourite authors. Gi was absolutely lovely, and so genuine. She was funny too, and we definitely learnt about her love for nutella and ferrero rocher!

After the Q&A’s she did a book signing, and she kindly signed a copy of her newest book for me, and I got a picture with her too!

I would definitely love to go to another book event of hers! She seemed to enjoy it just as much as we did so hopefully there will be another! I felt privileged to be at her first ever book event.

Gi and Me

Giovanna’s husband, Tom (from McFly and McBusted) was also there, sneaking around the back of the group and browsing the books in the shop. I also got a photo with him too, but I would like to stress it was Gi’s evening and she was definitely who I went to see and meet – it was just luck that Tom was there too.

Speaking of lucky… Gi replied to my tweet about the evening! To say I was excited would be an understatement; I seriously fangirled, I screamed and I was in shock for quite a while after. That’s only natural though, right?


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