The Calm Before The Storm… The Hunger Games!

“If we burn, you burn with us!”

So, with the new Hunger Games movie, Mockingjay Part 1, coming out – today in the UK – I thought that I would tell you why I love this book trilogy, and the movies, so much, before the avalanche of movie reviews (and before I see the movie myself – this Saturday!)

I have loved The Hunger Games books since they first came out – I was in year 8, I think? In fact, I still remember when I bought the first book (in Waterstones, it was on offer: 3 for 2…) My best friend and I both started reading them at the same time, so I’ve had someone to discuss (obsess?), argue and spout quotes at all the time. (And now see the movies!)

But other than being an integral part of my teenage years and the formation of a strong friendship, these were also the books that first introduced me to the idea of dystopia. (Although I didn’t understand the term at the time.) One thing I distinctly remember thinking – when first reading it – is the freedom for ideas and plots as a result of setting a novel in the future, and how clever it was. Since then I have read similar teen/YA dystopian fiction, but in my opinion THG is by far the best.

I have three reasons to think this:

1. The whole concept about the districts and the TV show is crazy and initially hard to believe, but still captivating and enticing – in the weirdest possible way.

2. Katniss is a strong, badass female who accomplishes brilliant things without running after guys like a lost puppy.

3. Peeta Mellark. It breaks my heart in Mockingjay…

Out of all the books my favourite is THG. My favourite movie adaptation (so far!) is CF. I felt the first movie didn’t do the novel justice, but CF had a different director who made it flow and kept the pace a lot more. And I would just like to add: Jennifer Lawrence is fantastic – a brilliant actress and role model.

This post is a lot longer than I expected it to be, but I’m just so excited, so it was bound to happen! Bring on Saturday!


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