An Autumnal Birthday

October brings with it autumn, knitted jumpers (my favourite!), half term break and my birthday. My mum always says that by the time it gets to my birthday we are well and truly into Autumn. It’s easy to see: all the leaves are turning their gorgeous tones of gold, red and brown and falling off the trees; it gets darker a lot earlier and there’s a sharp coolness to the wind. This year has been no different. One big change did occur this weekend though; it was my birthday and I turned 18! I had a great weekend, relaxing, having fun and eating lots of cake and chocolate! (What else are birthdays for?) It’s strange to think that I am now a legal adult; I’ll have to be responsible and sensible from now on. (Haha!) Naturally I don’t feel any different from when I was 17, but it is quite scary to think how quickly this year is going – or, as I’m sure my parents have been feeling, my entire life! The rate this year has been going it won’t be too long until I’m taking my exams and (hopefully) going off to university. Aahh, that’s scary but so exciting too! I’m looking forward to see what my year as an 18 year old will throw at me…

I would also like to make it clear that as it was my birthday, it was therefore also my twin sister’s birthday – she gets grumpy if I don’t say it’s her birthday too!


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