My Best Bits About Bookshops

My life has just been so busy lately: coursework, tests, sport, present organising for my sister… I realise that my posts have been a lot more sporadic recently because of that – in the brief amount of spare time I give myself (there’s always something I could be doing but I know I need a break too) I am either reading a book or writing a post, but please stick with me!

Recently Penguin have been tweeting, instagram-ing and indeed blogging (yes, I follow them on all three) about ‘books are my bag’. One question they were asking is where is your favourite bookshop? It made me think: I don’t think I really have a favourite, but if I had to choose I would probably be really unoriginal and choose the massive Waterstones in London, or Foyles in London. They’re just so big, I feel like I could happily stay there for hours getting lost, surrounded by books (not that I’ve ever stayed in a bookshop for two hours before… haha, maybe …).

It got me thinking about what I love about bookshops in general though –  not the whole ‘because it’s a building filled with books’, I mean that’s obvious! Personally, I love looking at all the suggestion tags on the different bookshelves; reading about the employees’ enthusiasm for a certain book, and asking myself if I would like to read it too. I also like looking at the special tables with the books each shop suggests, set out so neatly – they vary so much from store to store, even if they are the same company.

I love getting suggestions for what to read – the books I’ve read recently are nearly all those suggested by my best friends – I trust their good taste in books and I know they understand me well enough to know what I books I will enjoy. But I love receiving reading suggestions from anyone – the more the merrier. So if you have a suggestion then comment on any of my posts, I would love to hear from you!

Well I should probably get back to my work now… Happy reading!


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