Books for breakfast?

The other day, as part of my IB Theory of Knowledge course (yes, it is as mind-boggling as it sounds!), I attended a lecture by Professor A.C. Grayling about the importance of the humanities subjects. I do History and English at higher level (sorry, more IB jargon), but would’t call myself a humanities enthusiast…

He brought up some very interesting and thought-provocking points. One that particularly made me sit up and think is that it is not typical to read books in the morning. Personally, I read as often as I can every evening before I go to bed – especially as it has been proven that reading before going to sleep makes the process of falling asleep much easier,  far better than being on a phone or a laptop. But I hardly ever read in the morning  (except for the occasional “I must finish this book” mornings).

But why is this the case? There seems to be a stigma attached to morning activities; they have to be productive – like cleaning or working or going to school. Yet, to me it seems like a great idea to read in the morning. It would be an opportunity to get your mind and imagination working straight away.

I’m interested to know what you all think. Do you read in the mornings? (Am I just the odd one out?) Do you wish you read more in the mornings or the evenings?


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