On Wednesday I went to Amsterdam, as a birthday present from me to my boyfriend. It is a beautiful city; I instantly fell in love with the canals and the tall, thin houses that tower either side of them.

If you have never been to Amsterdam before then I highly recommend going there! It is a brilliantly cultural place, and full of cyclists; similar to Cambridge but an even greater number, if you can imagine. (I don’t think it is possible to live in Amsterdam and not own a bicycle.)

The Dutch are such amicable and relaxed people (although this could possibly be due to the marijuana…?) Every native that spoke to me was friendly, telling me to “enjoy my day” and “thank you for visiting”. My favourite Dutchman has to be the man at passport control at Schiphol airport. I had a wonderful conversation with him about my name (“a lovely name for this time of year”) and his good wishes for my flight were accompanied with a genuine and friendly smile.

During the day we visited a variety of places – Amsterdam is surprisingly big and diverse, with a beautiful park in the middle of this bustling cycling city. My favourite place I visited was ‘Anne Frank Huis’. It is one of those places that everyone says you should visit when in Amsterdam and I have to agree; it is bigger inside than you would guess, but all the same the story told is gut-wrenching. Even though I knew her story and had studied Nazi Germany in history for GCSE, it still left me shocked. In the house there are quotes from Anne’s diary written on the walls, emphasising that all that happened was true. Despite how cliché it sounds, it really does put things into perspective.

I know this post hasn’t been about books or plays (although Anne Frank’s Diary is a powerful read, and one I would recommend) but I enjoyed my day so much I felt I needed to share it all!

Canals & Houses
‘Anne Frank House’
Bicycles, bicycles and more bicycles…


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